6000-meter rated camera set to pull crowds at OiA

6000-meter rated camera set to pull crowds at OiA

San Diego based Sidus Solutions LLC might not have far to travel to attend Oceanology International Americas 2023 (OiA), but the company’s west coast launch of its latest ruggedly built but attractively priced underwater camera will make its booth (C49) well worth a look for subsea professionals from all over the globe.

The SS550 DarkCrystal High Dynamic Range IP Network video camera from Sidus Solutions is a small, affordable, rugged self-lighted camera designed to fit where traditional cameras cannot go. Especially suited to Oil & Gas platforms, ROV, AUV and divers alike, this miniature, compact, self-lighting video camera offers multiple applications for hazardous subsea environments.

A miniature, highly flexible, integral cable reduces the overall size and weight of the product for tight spots such as small ROV pan & tilts with very low torque capability.

According to Leonard Pool, Managing Director at Sidus Solutions, the NDAA compliant camera represents an attractive upgrade opportunity for ROV and AUV operators who are not satisfied with their existing video quality: “Video resolution, sensitivity, and dynamic range are all much improved over existing products. The dimmable HBLED light can output up to 2500 lumens using our unique high count LED circuitry to ensure uniform illumination over the entire field of view with minimal shadows.”

Depth rated to a commercially useful 6000m, the SS550 offers high performance packaged within a small unit which is designed for both long and short term deployment applications

The video output is low latency and can use either IP (1080p30) or CVBS (1000TVL) protocols to offer exceptional video quality, with both high sensitivity and high dynamic range (HDR). Underwater, optical quality has also been a key design driver, with the SS550 providing excellent visibility through its 70° DFOV flat port, low distortion lens.

ROV builders and system integrators will thank Sidus for designing in an integral in-line cable for simplified system integration. To suit a vast range of vehicles and other underwater scenarios power compatibility is broad too, running off any DC power supply from 8-32 volts.

An IP version, also depth rated to 6000m is ONVIF compatible and offers an onboard recording facility.

There is much more to Sidus than its extensive range of subsea cameras, in particular, the company’s range of underwater rated LED lights are set to draw visitors to Booth C49 too. The SS182 MKII DARK SABER with LED light and strobe is distinctively suited for lighting applications on inspection systems and other operations where illumination and the ability to scale an image is required. This integrated subsea product allows the laser, LED light and strobe to work together to deliver crisp video images with remote control.

The SS182mkII provides outstanding brightness, and warm color for subsea videos and its adjustable green laser projector offers the perfect illumination solutions for a vast number of applications. Suited to subsea applications up to 13,123ft / 4,000m standard and 19,685ft / 6,000m optionally, the SS182mkll also features multiple housing options.  It operates safely in air thanks to intelligent thermal management and is 35% lighter than the previous version.

On a smaller scale and for shallower deployments Sidus Solutions’ SS181mkII high output underwater LED light offers the perfect illumination solution for a vast number of applications. The compact design and 1,000 meters depth rating makes the SS181mkII an ideal light for installation on a diver helmet or other tight spot. This subsea light has a 4000K color temperature and Color Reproduction Index (CRI) of 70, which provides outstanding brightness for underwater video. According to Leonard Pool, while the SS181mkII might not be the cheapest option on paper, in the real world it has proved its value time and time again, especially over older technology halogen light sources: “The SS181mkII will far outlast the leading halogen dive lamps with an illumination life of 50,000 hours.”

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