AML Oceanographic Introduces New Sensor Technology

AML Oceanographic Introduces New Sensor Technology

AML Oceanographic, a world leader in ocean sensing technology, is pleased to present the latest in the X-change series of profiling instruments, the AML-1, AML-3, and AML-6.

Often referenced as “Orange Line” the latest technology promises an improved user experience over the earlier generation of X-change instruments and sensors, known as “Blue Line”. Key features include:

  • Fully exchangeable, uncomplicated sensor technology 
  • 1, 3 or 6 identical sensor ports each accommodate any sensor in the XChange2 Sensor Suite
  • Plug-and-play sensor configurations (sensors include SV, SVT, P, C, CT, Tu, and others) 
  • UV biofouling available for AML-3 and AML-6 
  • Future-proof hotspot-style wi-fi on AML-3 and AML-6 versions (500m depth rated only)
  • Bi-directional communication
  • New user interface called Sailfish 
  • Extended battery life
  • USB-C port for easy data upload and recharging
  • Smaller footprint than Blue Line technology

The AML-1 is a single-port, real-time instrument. Small and rugged, it is ideal for installations on the hull of a survey vessel or close to a Multibeam Transducer with AML’s SVx2 or SVTx2 sensors for Hydrographic Surveys. Alternatively, it can be configured with any of our X2Change sensors for real-time Ocean Observing applications.  Its 6000m depth rating also makes it ideal for ASV and/or ROV operations.

All models are depth rated to either 500m (available mid-September 2020) or 6,000m (available in May 2021). The AML-3 and AML-6 are self-powered with optional real-time capability. The AML-3 will most often meet the needs of SVP/CTD customers while the AML-6 fulfills the multi-parameter space.

For more information, please contact Chris Malzone, VP Sales.

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