Industry-Leading Optics from SubC Imaging

Industry-Leading Optics from SubC Imaging

Trusted by customers around the world, SubC Imaging’s camera systems are well-known for their industry-leading optics. Quality subsea inspections and research relies on capturing the best digital stills and 4K video possible, and our cameras go above and beyond, especially in deep-water and low-light environments.

Durable and impact resistant subsea cameras

SubC has designed the Ivanoff inspired LiquidOptics feature for its smart cameras with water correction and a sapphire construction that makes them extremely durable and impact resistant. SubC also offers UltraOptics that provides an ultra-wide field of view.

LiquidOptics correct for distortion, chromatic aberration caused by water, and offer a 70° field of view. SubC’s wide-angle UltraOptics is designed for situational awareness and has an enhanced 120° field of view with low distortion.

Built using a modular design, our systems are like Swiss Army knives — able to deliver multiple features in one complete package. You won’t require multiple instruments as everything you need is fully incorporated into a single system.


The SubC Digital Stills Solution combines industry-leading image capture with event-tracking capabilities and data acquisition. Our easy-to-use subsea cameras are nimble and will meet any underwater requirements. The 4K Rayfin Smart Camera, for example, controls the LED as a lamp when recording video or as a strobe by syncing with the exposure time to capture objects in highest detail for digital stills.

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