MarineView: Smart Fishing

MarineView: Smart Fishing

Guest post: Mrs Ainhoa Alvarez-Borrás, Marine Instruments


MarineView is a smart solution for efficient and sustainable fishing. With this integrated solution, you can visualize in one screen, oceanographic information along with the buoy data of Marine Instruments satellite buoys. That way, you can analyse the conditions and identify the best areas for fishing. Thanks to its highly innovative, intuitive and dynamic design, you can save time and resources. Its application in the recent European project, Sustunable (, will provide real-time oceanographic information, recommendations on fuel consumption and optimal fishing routes and tuna distribution maps thanks to the application of artificial intelligence and big data.


This integrated solution allows you to manage, in one single screen, oceanographic information and the data obtained from your buoys in order to analyse sea conditions and identify the best areas for fishing.


Discover more about the capabilities and advantages of the MarineView here: Marine Instruments


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