New PRO-Series Antenna Announced by EPAK

New PRO-Series Antenna Announced by EPAK

20 years ago, EPAK started the race to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of maritime antenna systems. Today, the German-based company is still paving the way with great innovation with the launch of its new series of antenna called PRO-Series.

The EPAK PRO-Series is not limited to the technical and functional properties of the hardware, but the handling has also been brought up to state of the art.

In fact, the antennas of the PRO generation can be controlled via smartphone, tablet or PC. Extensive configurations can be made via the web interface and live sensor data from the antenna can be displayed. This simplifies troubleshooting, enables performance analysis around the clock and eventually reduces the need for maintenance.

Furthermore, the antennas can move at 50°/s speed per axis and highest tracking accuracy that allows for a stable connection in stormy weather and rough seas. Plus, they are equipped with powerful transmitter units, up to 40W which makes them more effective.

Last but not the least, money saving is made easy thanks to their ability to integrate two SIM card slots in the ACU which allows for easy switching between the satellite connection and the low-cost 3G/4G network when it becomes available.

This article was provided by EPAK Gmbh.

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