3D at Depth launches remote sensing and remote data control technology

3D at Depth launches remote sensing and remote data control technology

Preemptive, predictive solution advances the rise of digitalization in offshore production

With the onset of the COVID- 19 pandemic, the recent downturn in the industry, and the race to advance autonomy in offshore oil and gas operations, 3D at Depth – the world’s leading expert in subsea laser (SL) LIDAR technology, survey support services, and 3D data solutions – launched a remote sensing and remote data control solution as part of their standard service package. This new technology helps operators provide a safe and more efficient environment for their operations while increasing their near-real-time 3D data intelligence.

The remote sensing and remote data control technology was built around expanded capabilities originally embedded company’s proven subsea LiDAR technology. Software simulators were developed that can be installed on the vessel prior to the start of any project to simulate a remote scan or metrology. An additional feature provides flexibility for those vessels with low bandwidth communications by enabling full control with just 6kb/second, thus allowing data to be collected offshore and stored on the sensor or a topside computer. Near-real-time data quality control is achieved using cRIAAT, which enables moving a scan location with bandwidths of 256kb/second less than the collection time. This allows an onshore operator to receive and process data with little or no delays to the offshore operation.

3D at Depth Remote Sensing and Remote Data Solution. 3D at Depth, Inc.

Flexibility of third-party system incorporation, such as offshore connectivity, allows for varying vessel specifications of ship-to-shore communications capabilities. The short base system is capable of running over a normal 4G network without delays. This allows a 3D at Depth to collect from a customer’s worksite/location or one of their global office locations. This is especially important during extreme weather events onshore or with complex secure locations where external or outside companies have restrictions on connecting to the client network.

Reead more about it on 3D at Depth’s website.

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