Geomil offers a solution for deep water cone penetration

Geomil offers a solution for deep water cone penetration

Guest post: Mrs Danielle Span, Geomil Equipment B.V.

The Geomil Equipment Orca Deep Water is the latest development of the successful Orca downhole CPT tool. The Orca is a versatile and fully integrated cone penetration testing and sampling system for downhole use and is designed to be combined with several existing drilling methods.The Orca DW is able to operate in water depths of 3000m while still providing real-time data.

More information: Orca DW

Geomil offers a solution for deep water cone penetration

Innovative Orca-90 allows testing at 3000m operational depth

January 20th 2020, Moordrecht, NL – The new Geomil Orca-90 is a versatile and fully integrated Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) and sampling system for downhole use. The system is designed to support site investigations in deep water while still allowing real-time soil data to be obtained.

CPT data can be obtained via two methods. While deploying the Orca in umbilical mode data is obtained in real-time, offering advantages such as reduced risk of equipment damage.  Via the wireline mode CPT data is downloaded once the Orca is retrieved to the surface. Depending on the particular project constraints the Orca can be configured on-site to either operating mode.

Frans van Brenk, Head of Engineering, said “The Orca-90 enables our customers to conduct Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) of up to 3000m operational depth. This equipment allows geotechnical professionals to obtain reliable, real-time data in preparation for them to design submarine structures for wind farms and supporting infrastructure.”

Ed Smit, Head of Sales, also added “The Orca-90 can perform testing with 5cm2 and 10cm2 cones and a thrust force of 90kN. The piston sampler tool allows for high-quality sampling in soft soil conditions. Versatility remains key, once a CPT or sampling has been conducted, drilling can be advanced to the next test depth where the programme can continue until final investigation depth is reached.”

Geomil’s Orca-90 will be officially launched at the upcoming Oceanology International event in the London Excel, UK 1-3 December 2020.

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