CoastEO: Robust, Reliable and Validated Coastal Monitoring

CoastEO: Robust, Reliable and Validated Coastal Monitoring

Guest post: Ms Sinead McGlynn, TechWorks Marine Ltd


TechWorks Marine are happy to announce we are undertaking an ESA InCubed funded project, CoastEO. We are working to create a highly versatile information platform which facilitates easy access to in-situ coastal water measurements and associated validated satellite Earth Observation (EO) products. This service brings together our portable and easily deployable MiniBuoy system and validated satellite data processing methods in order to reliably monitor and manage a wide range of marine and freshwater environments.

To allow us to incorporate key requirements, gather expert recommendations and identify potential users for the provision of reliable and robust marine and fresh water data, we have created a short research survey.

We would greatly appreciate just 10 minutes of your time to complete the online form


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