Port Call Digitalisation – Marlin SmartPort

Port Call Digitalisation – Marlin SmartPort

Guest post: Ms Joanna Szymborska, ION


Port call optimization is an important topic in the global Ports & Harbors industry. There is a growing complexity facing port operators and associated logistics networks as they strive to deliver improved safety, increased security, governmental compliance, commercial competitiveness and efficiency of processes throughout the port community system.

View a video on the Montrose Port Authority’s digital switch from their manual whiteboard to Marlin SmarPort. Read case studies on how Marlin SmartPort can optimize your port call process regardless of working locations and share key port call information online with your Port Community.

Email Joanna.szymborska@iongeo to register for the forthcoming series of webinars on Port Digitisation.

Visit the website for more information and to watch an insightful video featuring Tom Hutchison, CEO, Montrose Port Authority: ION Montrose Port Authority



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