New products for the Underwater Imaging market

New products for the Underwater Imaging market

Guest post: Mr Mark Rios,  Atlas North America / Marine Sonic Technology


“Atlas North America offers the Marine Sonic Technology product line of underwater imaging sonars and accessories. Our company designs, manufactures, and markets towed and embedded side scan sonars for defense, security, and commercial use.

Our Explorer Mk II towed side scan sonar is used by the armed forces, first responders, and environmentalists to conduct underwater imaging of the bottom and search for and locate infrastructure and drowning victims.
Our Scout Mk II embedded side scan sonars are integrated into micro and small AUVs/UUVs and used by the defense and research sectors for underwater surveys and mine countermeasures.

Not resting on our laurels, we are bringing new products to market to satisfy customer demands for longer range, deeper towed systems and improved range and image resolution demanded by AUV users.
The Hunter is a larger, heavier tow fish to operate at deeper depths. This can be paired with our lower frequency sonars (e.g., 150 or 300 kHz) for significantly greater range capability—particularly useful in searching for larger underwater objects such as infrastructure or shipwrecks.


The Ranger is a Synthetic Aperture Sonar designed to achieve ranges of 150 m per side and yet still offer exceptional image resolution to locate and identify small underwater objects. This capability is particularly useful for locating and identifying sea mines and other small targets.”

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