DLM launch 1.5m Detrenching Grapnel

DLM launch 1.5m Detrenching Grapnel

Guest post: Mrs Carly Collins, Dynamic Load Monitoring (UK) Ltd


Dynamic Load Monitoring (DLM) launch their new 1.5m De-trenching grapnel to aid the offshore industry in recovering subsea products buried in the seabed up to 1.5m.

“The Southampton based load cell and load monitoring company have been supplying the offshore industry with a variety of Grapnels, including Flatfish, Rennie, Gifford and Sandpoint grapnels for hire and purchase for over 15 years. Recently, DLM saw a gap in the market and today launch the new 1.5m De trenching grapnel, designed and developed by DLM engineers. ”


Read more on their website… https://www.dlm-uk.com/

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