Introducing newly developed technology for HAOYE thruster

Introducing newly developed technology for HAOYE thruster

Guest post: Miss Elisa Yan, Sales Manager, Tianjin Haoye Technology Co.,Ltd

The magnetically coupling drive technology newly developed for HAOYE thruster, this is one of our outstanding features, is the one that the magnet array fitted inside the propeller hub is driven by the one attached inside the housing of the thruster, so as to realise non-contact and leak-free transmission of torque. This technology greatly reduces the impact and vibration during the operation of the thruster and prolongs the service life of the propeller.

Compared to traditional rigid coupling, the magnetic coupling structure has no rotating shaft and shaft seal, all electrical components are absolutely sealed in a sealed cabin, which solves the leakage problem of underwater rotating seal mechanism in principle.

Additionally, magnetically coupling structure will produce ratchet effect in case of overload, to prevent the damages caused by objects jammed into the propeller.

We extend this role to locking protection and overcurrent protection, when the equipment is in extreme condition, such as when the propeller is locked by something, the heavy load will lead to an increase in current, when the current reaches the maximum allowable, the equipment will enter the overcurrent protection state. The current will not increase, but will work with the maximum allowable output current set by the factory to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.

Thus, the thrusters have high stability and life-long. Magnetically drive coupling technology will be more and more widely used.

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