How to Manage Operations of Physical Assets Remotely?

How to Manage Operations of Physical Assets Remotely?

Guest post: Ms Noora Räsänen, CMO, VRT Finland / GISGRO


During these exceptional times many companies are searching new ways to organize their business and work. This blog offers tips and tools for the infrastructure industry on how to manage operations of physical assets remotely by using the latest cloud technology. We are also organizing a free webinar in the beginning of May concerning the same subject. The registration link is included in the blog.

The tips are presented by using our solution GISGRO, which is made for all cloud platform that allow asset operators to manage their infrastructure in a smart and efficient way. For surveyors, GISGRO is an easy and fast way to deliver work to clients and help them to utilize the data in optimization of asset operations. Through access to better and more timely data on GISGRO, asset operators can improve the quality, value and safety of their infrastructure in a way that was never possible before…


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