Fugro Geoconsulting’s research delivers a 23% reduction in foundation size for offshore wind farm

Fugro Geoconsulting’s research delivers a 23% reduction in foundation size for offshore wind farm

Guest post: Fugro

Fugro’s continuing investment in research and development has recently paid off for a client by enabling a 23% reduction in the monopile foundation size used for an offshore wind farm.

In the quest to develop its people and expertise, Fugro supports the Renewable Energy Marine Structures (REMS) programme, led by Oxford and Cranfield Universities, and within which Scott Whyte has undertaken an industry-focused doctoral research project. His research is at the forefront of our industry’s quest to capture the complex aspects of soil behaviour in the detailed design of offshore wind energy structures. As well as providing a solution that is practical and reliable, clients benefit at every stage of their project, from early site screening and selection, to transport, installation and maintenance costs of the structures.

Geological knowledge meets engineering insight

Real expertise is needed to understand the challenges brought by the natural environment, and address them appropriately, whether in early economic modelling or in detailed design. Fugro’s Geoconsulting team brings this expertise by combining geological knowledge with deep engineering insight.

Scott’s research, undertaken at the University of Oxford, enabled the following behavioural aspects to be collectively captured in the constitutive model, which is the mathematical representation of the mechanical behaviour of the soil:

  • Non-linearity of stiffness with strain;
  • Stress path dependency;
  • Cyclic degradation;
  • The effects of transient pore-pressure response.

Scott recently showcased a project application of his research and resulting project savings in a joint presentation with Sea and Land Project Engineering (SLPE), at the Offshore Foundations International Conference in Bremen.

Ro find out more, read the abstract.

A copy of the presentation is available and can be requested by sending an email to b.mackenzie@fugro.com. If you would like to discuss a project application further, do get in touch.

Link to the news article: https://www.fugro.com/media-centre/news/fulldetails/2019/07/08/fugro-and-slpe-to-present-case-study-at-offshore-foundations-conference-bremen


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